Monday, December 01, 2014

Always wanted a Cobra!

I have always wanted a Cobra, but can't afford the real thing. So the next best thing is a replica. I am not a perfectionist in terms of wanting a period perfect car, rather a modern interpretation of the Shelby original.

Some kits are pretty poor and are fairly dangerous in the event of a shunt. Yes they are cheapish, but I think that you get what you pay for.

I want a relatively safe car, one that handles well, is engineered professionally and one that will not break the bank. Saying that £35-40k or so is not exactly pocket money!

I had bought a Caterham in kit form back in 1997. At that stage I couldn't afford a Cobra replica. However, the Caterham did not disappoint, especially when the 1600cc engine I fettled produced 204 bhp at the rear wheels, just over 400 bhp per tonne. So the bhp of the Cobra may be a little lower at the wheels, but the torque will be way up and that is what makes them very driveable.

Following the Caterham7 I bought an OMS2000m single seat racing car. The 'm' stands for motorbike engine in case you are wondering. It had a well tuned Suzuki GSXR 1340cc engine and was very fast.

A Radical Prosport followed the OMS. The Radical was sooooo much fun and looked the part too. It had a 1299cc Suzuki Hayabusa bike engine produced by Extreme Engines in Bourne, which was brilliant. Like the two cars before it, the Radical was a class winner in competition.

Radical Prosport
Keith Townsend's GD 427 (see Gardner Douglas website Contacts page or Keith's blog linked from the side panel here) re-kindled my interest in the Cobra, after stopping competing in the Radical. The white car with black "Cobra" stripes, to me, looks superb and Keith should be really proud of what he has achieved.

So now I need to decide if I want such a project and if so which spec. of car to go with.