Thursday, April 30, 2015

Engine ordered!

Just ordered the engine for my Cobra. That will eat into/overspend the budget! Expected delivery is early June Edit: it was July, but I don't get the chassis until October! Edit: I got it in December.

My basic requirements are for a road drivable car, but with a bit of grunt, is reliable and starts first time i.e. not temperamental.

So here it is:
  • Chevy LS6 aluminium 5.7 honed block
  • Polished and balanced GM 24X crankshaft
  • New crankshaft bearings
  • LS6 con rods with ARP 2000 bolts
  • New flat top coated pistons
  • Seal Power plasma moly rings
  • Corvette winged oil pan
  • GM high volume oil pump
  • Cloyes billet timing chain
  • Corvette balancer
  • Corvette water pump
  • LS6 243 aluminium heads
  • LS7 cam
  • LS7 hydraulic lifters
  • Three angle valve job
  • New cam bearings
  • Trick Flow valve springs to match cam
  • Trick Flow pushrods
  • GM MLS head gaskets
  • GM head bolts
  • GM rocker arms
  • Valve covers
  • LS6 intake manifold
  • LS6 injectors and fuel rail
  • 85mm throttle body
  • GM drive by wire pedal
I have gone with the LS7 cam to gain mid range torque at the expense of top end power that I could have got with a slightly wilder cam. Expected power is around 475 bhp and torque of around 465 ft/lb, but we will see what comes up on the dyno once the engine is built!

Now I need to sort out the transmission - 5 or 6 speed?

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