Saturday, May 09, 2015

Back from Stoneleigh 2015

A really worthwhile visit to the kit car show at Stoneleigh. Or should it be the hand built car show? Kit cars still have a connotation that is now clearly out of date.

Wow! Some of these cars could show many of the mainstream makers a thing or two.

I was mainly interested in the Cobra type of car. It was good to see the AK and GD stands really busy. The other Cobra type car stands a little less so.

Cars that stood out are included below:

One of the GD show cars with Meena polishing it
An AK 427 that caught my attention. Stunning in black with red stripes.
And my favourite car at the show:

Keith Townsend's GD 427
And probably the key reason I chose to go GD:

A GD Euro customer chassis on the stand

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