Monday, March 26, 2018

Heated seats part 3 - wiring

The supplied relays were fixed to the transmission tunnel behind the seats, using self tapping screws over the carpet.
Relay fixed to the transmission tunnel
The transmission tunnel carpets were lifted along the edge near the floor. The wires were then fed along this area towards the front of the car and up to the central under dash tray.
Wires routed under the carpet, against the transmission tunnel
The earth wire was attached to the ground point on the chassis.
Ground point on chassis
The supply and ground wires were both extended.
Wires extended and tie wrapped in place
20mm holes were drilled in the under dash trays near to the heater outlets. The switch wires were disconnected from the loom and fed through the tray and clicked in to place. They were then reconnected to the looms.

The supply (live) wire was connected to position 3 on the ignition switch, so that the seats only operated when the ignition was on and would not drain the battery if left switched on.

So now to test. Without the ignition switched on, there were no lights on the switches in any position - so a good start! Next the ignition was turned on. A green light when the switch was set to the low setting. A red light when it was set to maximum. And no light at the off/central point - great news.

Now I just need to test it in anger.

Edit: Been out in the car today (Thursday) and the heated seats really work. Brilliant!

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