Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2018

Someone counted 85 Cobras on the UK Cobra Club area on Sunday and around 45 on Monday plus over 25 that I saw elsewhere at the show. What a display. Superb!

A view of some of the Cobras on display
Another view with my car in the foreground
Another shot .... of Cobras
My car (again) with the bonnet up
Thanks to all those who came to say hello on Sunday and Monday - I am not going to name check as I will no doubt miss someone off! It really is a privilege to talk to you all. Comments on my car and blog are really appreciated. It was great to meet all the enthusiasts, both people I know and new Cobra owners embarking upon the build process. Good luck to all and hopefully my blog maybe some small help along the way.

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