Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dash design

I returned from a holiday in Scotland. Much of the time was spent thinking about how the Cobra's dash would look (but don't tell the boss!). I had decided not to use the standard GD 'pyramid' style of small dials, with the larger speedo and rev counter either side, but I didn't know what to do instead. That was until I saw Noel Hirst's GD dashboard layout on Facebook.

As it turned out, I had had the same thought as Noel, but he had come up with a different layout (see below).

Dash style by Noel Hirst!
Having visited Noel at his home in South Yorkshire, I am now convinced that the design is right for me too! Noel is happy for me to plagiarise his design for my Cobra dash. Why re-invent the wheel?

I still have to decide on which warning lights and switches to use and where to put them, although I now have some ideas on the type of switches and the black warning lights that Noel had used gave me food for thought. As posted earlier, I have also decided to go with white faced dials, rather than black, even though Noel's look brilliant in black. However, I may also go for black bezels and red pointers, like his.

And what a worthwhile visit it was too. Not only did I clarify my 427's dashboard dial design, but I also came away with some great advice from Noel and a clearer view as to what I should do on some of the build - key points are have a clear view of how the car will look and order in plenty of time to allow for delays in parts delivery.

Thanks Noel.

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