Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cobra gear box arrived

As the Tremec gearbox is an American import, they can be difficult to get. The shipment for the importer had been delayed around 6 months, so I grabbed one whilst I could.

My T56 Magnum (Tremec ref 11009) 6 speed gear box arrived today from Roadcraft UK, along with the bell housing, slave cylinder, spigot bearing, the yoke that links the gearbox to the prop shaft and the fixing bolts. The bell housing is a Repower item that connects the Tremec Magnum gearbox to the Chevy LS engine. The ratios of the 'box are 2.66,  1.78, 1.30, 1.00, 0.80, 0.63 through a 3.07 differential that comes as part of the Euro chassis. These are the first real bits to arrive for my Gardner Douglas 427 (Cobra).
The gearbox, bellhousing and various important bits!
Now all I need is an engine to fix it to and a chassis to install it all in!

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