Thursday, June 04, 2015

Early build slot with Gardner Douglas

Just had a phone conversation with Andy about my initial Cobra build order. Most things on the order were ok. I had made the odd mistake, but the eagle eyes of Meena and Andy had spotted my errors and these were to my advantage.

Andy slipped in that the body build slot for my Cobra (GD427) had been brought forward! I had expected a later delivery than promised by GD (just because I set my expectation lower than promised), but how wrong I was. The body and initial parts order should be available to collect early July. That is some five weeks earlier than they said when I booked my build slot! Well done Andy and all at GD. Under promise and over deliver - what a refreshing change to many companies.

Now I need to sort out the Luton van to collect it all and some muscle to help me get it in and out of the van.

I am like a dog with two tails!

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