Friday, July 17, 2015

Chevy LS6 dyno results

Here are the results from the dyno. 

First the power output graph. The bottom axis shows the revs and the side axis the power in bhp:

Power in BHP
Maximum power is 480 bhp at 6,100 revs. That is about 84 bhp per litre, so nothing to write home about compared to a European engine. They tend to rev higher and produce their power near the top end and deliver less torque. American engines on the other hand tend to be of a bigger capacity (my LS6 is 5.7 litres or around 348 cubic inches) and are lower reving. They deliver their maximum power at lower revs, but give out loads of torque. So, hence the Americans saying that there is no substitute for cubic inches.

Here is the torque graph. The bottom axis shows the revs and the side one the torque in ft lb:

Torque in ft lb
The maximum torque here is 451 ft lb and is delivered at just 5,000 revs.

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