Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Engine collected

I set off early to the engine builder today and to collect my LS6 engine for the Cobra.

First I got the output printout from the dyno and a mug of tea. The engine builder had lied to me. The figures were even better than he had said! A maximum of 480 bhp at 6,100 revs and 451 ft lb torque at 5,000 revs. Wow!
My new LS6 engine
After chatting about various engines, drivers and cars, my engine with its ancillaries was then loaded in to the car - yes it all fit in the back of an estate car, about 180kg in all. An engine lift helped get the engine in. It was loaded on top of a board to protect the carpet, with a board behind the front seats and plenty of padding.
The engine in the back of my estate car
It was then securely strapped in. Luckily there are strapping points in the cargo area already. There was no way I wanted the lump becoming a missile in the event of an emergency stop!
Strapping the180 kg projectile in to the car
Once securely strapped in, it was then a very steady return trip to Yorkshire. In total another 6 hour round trip. But who cares with a new engine and the sun shining?

Getting it out was not a lot of fun though. Matthew, my son-in-law, brought some much needed muscle and brains. After a bit of head scratching, we hooked some straps under the wooden board and one pulled whilst the other pushed. We got the engine out on to the trolley and in to the garage. Thanks Matthew.

I haven't forgotten about the video of the engine on the dyno - just haven't got it yet. I'll post it as soon as I can.

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