Thursday, July 30, 2015

First day in the garage!

Thought that I had better tidy up a little, so that I could find things ...... some hope! So some parts were put on shelves and others in the car body.

Once things were out of the way, I set to work on an easy job - removing the very sharp flash lines. This is where the gel coat has seeped out of the mould joints such as around the wheel arches, bonnet and boot. These are removed very carefully with a fine file and with fairly course wet or dry (I used P80). Use thick gloves to avoid cuts!

The removal of the flash lines on the body (where the two halves of the mould meet), will be left for another day. This sounds like a much bigger job!

Here are three photos of the initial body rear wheel arch, the arch when filed and then one when cut back with the Dremel.
Look carefully and you can see the sharp flash lines around the wheel arch edge
The wheel arch with the sharp flash lines removed by a file and course wet or dry paper
Once the basic prep was done, the wheel arch return was cut back using the Dremel, then rubbed over with wet or dry.

The wheel arch trimmed back - note the consistent width of the return
All sharp edges have now been removed from the body. An easy job, I just needed to take care not to file or rub the polished body!

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