Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Accelerator and clutch pedals

I tackled the accelerator and clutch pedals today.

Accelerator pedal

The accelerator pedal had too little travel - about 80mm when it should have been 100mm. This would have made the engine react quicker, but getting older I thought that I should set it as GD had recommended! The issue was that the linkage to the fly-by-wire pedal was set 10mm down from the top of the accelerator pedal (as per GD advice), but as a result the leverage was too little.

I had spoken to Keith Akerman and he had set his at 45mm using a clamp mechanism - mine was drilled, so had no adjustment. I decided, after playing about, that about 43mm would be ok. So I drilled another 6mm hole 43mm down from the top of the pedal. The original hole in the top of the pedal was left. The hole for the connecting bar needed opening up a little to allow the bar to function without fouling the bulkhead. After adjusting the rose joints on the bar, I got 100mm of travel on the pedal! Job done.

Clutch pedal

Next was the clutch pedal and cylinder. The clutch cylinder needed fixing to the bulkhead, but had to be mounted off it to allow the cylinder to function correctly. GD had supplied longer bolts for this. I spaced out the cylinder with washers and found that 8mm was about right. Sounds easy, but it took an age.

The clevis was then attached to the push rod and adjusted to set the pedal at the correct height. Take care here not to have the clutch partly disengaged/depressed, as the clutch will spin up under load. This can be adjusted with the clevis fixed to the pedal, by rotating the push rod. The clevis locking plate was attached to secure the clevis to the pedal. Another job done!
Three cylinders bolted in place. The right hand one is the clutch and is spaced out by 8mm
The clutch pedal is now linked to the cylinder and the accelerator has the correct travel

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