Saturday, October 03, 2015

Easy jobs today! Lights and fuel filler.


The wires had been left after I had fitted them to the body. I connected up the side lights, headlights and repeaters using blade connectors and shrink covers, as I was not happy with the exposed bullet connectors under the wings. It was a straight forward job, the same colour wires connect to each other - I followed the GD build manual just in case. NOTE: See IVA and Post IVA category in the Build Process. I also connected up the rear lights too. Originally I had planned to install waterproof connectors, but after spending hours and getting nowhere, I gave up and chucked them in the bin. I have left the fog and reversing lights until later.
Indicator and headlight wiring tidied up
I had thought that a hair dryer would be adequate to shrink the heat shrink wire wrap, but in the end I resorted to the hot air paint stripper! That got the job done.

NOTE: A tip from Noel Hirst. Put a loop in the lower wire to the indicator to avoid water being channeled in to the light unit.
Note wire to indicator now has a dip in it

Fuel filler

I have decided to install the flush filler as used on the GD mk3, rather than the bigger Aston style filler in the rear wing. I went this way to keep a smooth fuss free line to the car.

I marked out the fuel filler as per Andy's instructions and after looking at Ryan's blog. Masking tape was stuck along the two off-side edges of the boot. Where they intersect is the edge of the fuel filler. A 45 deg line sets the centre line of the filler. It is then a case of working out the centre of the filler by inverting it and marking the outside on the masking tape. Half the diameter gives the centre point. The diameter of the hole to cut is then marked, in my case 64mm, and cut with an electric hole saw attached to the drill.
Position marked and hole drilled. The filler is bigger than the hole.
Masking tape was added to the area not already covered to allow the fixing holes to be marked. The six holes were drilled where marked and the masking tape removed. The filler was positioned and bolted down with the fixings provided. Really pleased with the finished job (see photo below). 
Filler fitted in place
Need to find out the thread size for the breather before I can fit that and the overflow pipe.

Door opener springs

I followed Keith Townsend's lead and installed helper springs on the door openers. Not sure that these are really necessary, but gets it out of my system!

The spring attaches to the existing hole in the triangular fixing and a holed drilled in the actuating cam above the handle.
Helper spring fitted to cam opener and triangular fixing

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