Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

So the upgraded LS6 engine is ordered for the Cobra. One decision made! The engine should arrive in the UK next week from the States. I am planning to visit the engine builder next Tuesday. All moving forward nicely now.

The gearbox will be the Tremec Magnum 6 speed box mated to the LS6 via a suitable bell housing in the GD427. So the decision is made, but the order is not yet placed.

I had a good look at dashboard layouts when I was at Stoneleigh. I haven't seen one the same yet! And that is the problem when it comes to making decisions - every car is different. But it also makes them interesting too! I think mine will look very similar to Keith Townsend's pictured below, although probably a different layout, white dials on black leather, possibly with red stitching. I might go for the T shaped dashboard though. The white dials lift the black of the dashboard and look fantastic in my opinion. However, not being a purist, I will have a leather steering wheel if I can find a suitable design (what I hear you cry?). I just prefer the feel and thickness of a leather one, although the wood one does look really good. The speedo will also be a conventional rotation, not the anti clockwise variety found on some Cobras, including Keith's.

Keith's dashboard layout
The jury is still out on stripes on the car. I like the stripes, but I also like clean lines. Most seem to have them in some form, but I think I will wait and see. I'll have the car delivered in plain white, then have stripes added if I want them - avoids having to make a decision now!

No bonnet air scoop. This is not needed for the LS engine. I can always add one later if I change my mind.

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