Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Met engine builder today

I met up with the engine builder today at their workshop.

Saw his Radical SR3 in another workshop, brilliant, but I agree it would look stunning in orange and black - which is the plan, rather than it's current British Racing Green. Also looked at his orange (guess what his favourite colour is) BMW 3 series with a Chevy LS engine, no less, and Tremec T56 gearbox installed! And it fit without any tin work too. It is now awaiting Dave the ECU magician. Wow, I bet that will shift. Also in the garage was an Ultima awaiting its refreshed 7 litre engine.

I saw a lot of Chevy engines from a big block 5 litre old style Chevy, being built for a race car to more modern 7 litre LS engines, plus the odd American Ford engine. I could sense the passion and pride when he builds an engine for his customers. Only the best will do and that is good enough for me.

My newly built engine for my GD427 Cobra arrives in the workshop from the US this week. He will check it over and if necessary correct any things that he is not happy with before it runs.

My next visit should be in June to see my own engine on the dyno and being set up - hopefully delivering the power and torque expected. I intend to capture this on a video and post it here when available, subject to mastering the technology! And then the real deal - taking it home in the back of the XF Sportbrake (I am assured that it will fit), ready to install in the GD chassis when it arrives.....can't wait.

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