Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting close now

Just had an email from Meena at GD requesting my initial Cobra order details. The build is on schedule - should be able to collect the body in August.

GD even wanted to know my inside leg measurement! Yes honestly. They use this to work out how long the footwell needs to be for the GD427. Talk about a tailor made car!

I will order the body and various parts for the build - mainly body related.  It's a long list and will hurt the bank balance some (to the tune of nearly £10k). I spent a lot of the weekend trawling various blogs, looking at the build schedule and the parts/price list. The parts that I will not order yet include the seats, leather trim, carpets, roll hoops, mirrors, gauges etc. Don't need to get these yet, as they will be a later stage of the build.

The body will be a Cobra inspired GD MkIV in white (RAL 9010) gel coat, same as Keith Townsend's, but without the stripes initially. The fuel filler cap will be the flat variety, rather than the traditional Aston Martin type and the bonnet locks will not be handles, but key locks.

I expect to order the chassis, bell housing, brake upgrade, wheels, tyres and associated parts around August, for delivery in October. In between I will start work preparing the body - once I have it!

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