Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pedal box

Not the easiest thing to fit!

I needed help nipping up the nuts and bolts that held the pedal box and the master cylinders in place. Barry Clark came to borrow a spanner for his hedge trimmer and was roped in! Barry held the nuts in the off-side compartment, whilst I tightened up the bolts from the foot well. Thanks Barry, couldn't have done it without you.
The pedal box with the bar clearly visible above the accelerator pedal
A view from the other side showing the link bar
The accelerator pedal was finally fixed to the electronic pedal with the link bar. The accelerator link bar clears the hole side by 2mm at the closest point. The bar consists of 180mm of 6mm threaded bar (the bar supplied by GD was too short, so I had to use some threaded bar of the same diameter which, luckily, I had in the garage), two 6mm rose joints and two locking nuts, so easy enough to make up yourself.

The accelerator pedal travel was about 85mm, rather than the 100mm I had aimed for, so I hope it is ok. Andy says to leave it at present.

The big washer and bolt is to hide my drilling mistake!

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