Thursday, November 19, 2015

Engine and clutch parts arrived

Engine and clutch parts

It is 18 weeks since I collected the engine from Kyle at Tim Adams Racing Engines. It was 15 weeks since I returned the flywheel, clutch plate, clutch cover and alternator as they were not as agreed. After emails and phone calls, the replacement clutch and other parts have now arrived. The flywheel and clutch plate are good. The new belt tensioner, which was not on the engine when collected, has also arrived. However, the alternator is damaged and not as expected and I still do not have the dyno video.
Flywheel, clutch and alternator
I was expecting a used alternator, but got one with a broken plastic casing (the second one). I have now been offered to refund the cost of the alternator, but won't hold my breath. So I now need to source a new one. More money :(

The ECU, engine loom, immobiliser and the lambda sensors from Canems were as expected and their subsequent service has been second to none.

I can now get the flywheel, clutch plate and cover installed on the engine. The engine assembly can then be mated to the gearbox (once I have a modified clutch release mechanism from GD) via the bellhousing before fitting to the chassis. Also I have just received a new "hi-torque" starter motor from Roadcraft to replace the used one I had broken a contact on!
Shiny new starter motor
Bonnet gas struts

The other gas strut is now fitted. So that's another job completed, except for the locking mechanism!

Edit: I have changed the ball stud and this is better. It positions the strut more upright, however the locking mechanism is still too big to use. 
Second gas ram now fitted
A note of caution here on the bonnet. If you have the body on the frame and an electric garage door opener where the motor moves along the track - watch that the motor clears the bonnet when it is open. Mine didn't, so a bit more gel coating to do on the edge .....

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