Monday, November 16, 2015

Tyres and stoneguards fitted!


I had Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres fitted at home today. 245/40/ZR18Y at the front and 275/40/ZR18Y at the rear.

The wheels were delivered to my house directly from Image, although I had ordered via Gardner Douglas. This was no more expensive than ordering direct from the manufacturer, so well done GD. Having them fitted on the drive saved me having to take the wheels to a fitter and also having to wait around at a fitters place, kicking my heels.

I used "", they were competitive on price and fitted the tyres and balanced them at home.  I could have bought just the tyres cheaper, but then I would have had fitting and balancing costs, plus fuel to get to a fitter and all the hanging about. So in the end it would have cost me more.

An email in the morning reminded me that the tyres would be fitted today. The fitter (James) arrived on time as promised, in his van with electric fitting and balancing on board.
Tyresonthedrive - tyres being fitted
The centre nut cover and spinner was removed from each wheel first. The tyres were fitted without any fuss in about an hour and paid for at that point. Now if all services were that good!
Tyres fitted
Now I just need to remember to take them to GD when I collect the chassis (this looks to be delayed a bit at the powder coaters according to Andy).

Stone guards

Black stone guards contrast nicely with the white body. Black was not only chosen due to the contrast, but I know from experience that the Caterham's stainless guards were wrecked within a few weeks due to stone chips. Carbon fibre are available, but the cost was more than I wanted to pay and I couldn't find proof that they lasted much longer. That left GRP which can be rubbed down, filled and polished back to new if required.
Stone guard and rubber U channel strip
Black rubber U-channel edging was fitted around each stone-guard. The guards were fitted with a black rivet in the corner nearest the body. A hole was drilled in the corner closest to the body to accept the rivet. Then two black self tapping screws were used to fix each guard to the wheel arch return.
Stone guard fixed in place
The wheel arch was then dressed back to the stone guard, so that there was no white showing. How good does that look?

Can't wait for the chassis now!

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