Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Wheels arrived!

The wheels have arrived from Image Wheels. I had decided to go with black centres, annodised rims, nut covers and spinners. I had Image wheels on the racing Radical, so I am confident that they will be okay. They are their GTD5 Halibrand replica style at 18" diameter, 8.5" wide at the front and 10" wide at the rear!
The four wheels with spinners and nut covers
Now I just need to organise some tyres, prior to collecting the chassis from GD in Newark. The GD preferred tyre sizes are :
  • front 245/40/ZR18 Y
  • rear 275/40/ZR18 Y 
I will go for Michelin Pilot Super Sports as they are rated as good in the wet/damp, are excellent in the dry,  have good reports for comfort, are rated as one of the fastest tyres, have raised ridges around the tyre bands to help defend against kerbing and get great reviews. They sound pretty good!

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