Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fuel filler cap

Mr IVA has a requirement (not unreasonable), that all fuel filler caps are tethered to the car so that you can't drive off from the petrol station and leave your filler cap behind! The flush cap as supplied, was not tethered to the filler neck. An Aston type filler would not need this work.

I used picture hanging cable, the brass looking stuff, as it was thin and corrosion resistant.
The cable and fixings. The 'modified' connection is on the left see below
The cable was to be attached to the filler cap, then to the neck of the filler itself. About an 200mm length of this cable was required for this (plus the amount needed to secure the cable - in my case an extra 80 mm).

To achieve this, a hole was drilled in the bottom plastic part of the cap, taking care not to affect the locking mechanism. The cable was fed through the hole and secured to itself using a modified electrical connector. The 'modification' is a pompous way of saying cut off the connection part and discard it!
The cable attached to the black plastic of the filler cap
The other end of the cable was attached to the filler neck. Here a small hole was drilled in the bottom of the neck to take the cable. A small channel was also cut in the filler neck, with the Dremel, to allow the cable to be flush once the pipe that connects the filler neck with the fuel tank is fitted.
The filler neck showing the hole and channel
This secures the filler cap to the filler neck and should satisfy the IVA requirements.
The finished tether

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