Monday, September 21, 2015

Brake pedals and other bits!

Brake reservoirs and lines

First I installed the reservoirs. I made a bracket to hold the brake reservoir, only to discovered that GD had supplied one!

The bracket was made of 3mm aluminium. A hole was drilled at the front of the bracket and through the webbing of the reservoir. The reservoir hole was made a little smaller, then tapped for the domed head bolt. The front of the aluminium was polished as this will be seen. At the back of the bracket I tapped the two holes so that the bolts through the bulkhead would tighten in to the bracket itself. The lower rear hole also went through the webbing of the reservoir.

The tops of the reservoirs were lined up before fixing.
Brake and clutch reservoirs, plus washer bottle
Next the fluid lines were temporarily installed (pipe clamps have been ordered). These are connected to the reservoirs, then fed through the holes drilled earlier in the inner wing.
Brake and clutch fluid pipes in place
Pedal box

My pedal box is of the fixed type (i.e. not adjustable, as the seats will be on runners).
Pedal box
I took the pedal box apart and bent the brake and clutch pedals towards the foot well extension a little (about 20 and 10 mm respectively). Then I marked the holes to cut, using the pedal mounting bracket as the template, allowing some space for the carpet at the left side. I have mounted the pedal box just a little lower than GD recommend (by about 8 mm), as I only have size eight feet.
Foot well marked up with hole positions
Next the brake light switch was attached to the bracket and the bracket fixed to the pedal box with two bolts and lock nuts. The master cylinders were offered up to the holes from the drivers side wheel arch compartment (Note: The two brake cylinders are different diameters internally, so don't mix them up). The pedal box was offered up from the drivers side foot well. The bolts and lock nuts supplied were then used to attach the master cylinders to the pedal box. Extra hands are needed here and a very flexible body/contortionist techniques. Getting the bolts in place was a real pain!
Brake (x2) and clutch cylinders in place 
Pedal box from the foot well
You will see that I have a brake balance bar and two brake master cylinders, so that the brake pressure can be set from the front to the rear. Previously a single cylinder did this work, but was not adjustable. The brake bias bar will be fixed using lock nuts to comply with IVA requirements.

Next job is to tighten up the securing nuts/bolts, fix the clutch clevis pin and the brake bias bar. More contortionist positions!


Looked at the body and I wasn't happy with the polishing I had done (contrary to what I said in the last blog). So it was out with the polishing machine and the Farecla again. A little more pressure on the machine this time, some water sprayed on the surface to stop it grabbing and it is definately ok now. The polishing head has a firmer foam this time (I wrecked the last one on sharp edges), so I needed to press on the machine to distort the head a little to get the right pressure. I also rubbed down the gel coat repairs on the boot and polished that too with the machine and Farecla G6. The doors were re-fitted, rubbed down and polished too.
Boot rubbed down and first polish
Final polishing with Farecla G3 and G10 will be required to finish off the body. It may then require a wax all over. Looking forward to that .... not.

Gel coating

Finally getting there. Remember that awful joint along the tops of the doors? Well they are nearly invisible, so another coat of gel and just one more rub down should do it. Famous last words!

The few remaining marks on the body were gel coated too and left to set.


The passenger door was refitted. Washers of different thicknesses were used between the door skin and hinges to get the doors flush with the body. The drivers and passenger doors were re-fitted and lined up. Looks good now. Just need to source some springs and fit them to help the door handle return to its normal position.
Doors fitted, lined up and first polish

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