Saturday, September 12, 2015

More heater, wiring and hinges

Today I finished off some of those outstanding jobs, you know the ones that get left because they are less interesting, harder to do or just plain boring!


Now that the metalwork is painted, I fixed the door, boot and bonnet hinges again. Hopefully for the last time!

The mounting plate fixings for the doors were a real pain! The top cap head bolt was a real b****r to get in position, screw in and tighten up with an alan key. The top pin that attaches the hinge to the mounting plate was also virtually inaccessible.
The mounting plate. Note that you can hardly see the top mounting bolt!
But after a bit of cursing and a lot of persistence I finally got them in place using long nose pliers and a bit of dexterity with the old fingers. Didn't know they bent that much!

Wiring loom

The main loom was fixed in place in the passenger compartment with P clips and self tapping screws. The P clips were fixed about 250mm apart along the main loom and secured with self tappers.
The main loom fixed in the passenger compartment with P clips 
A 20mm hole was drilled in the top corner of the passenger bulkhead for the two wires coming from the loom near the relay block (this was done before the heater was fixed). The brown wire and the black sheathed wire were fed through the hole in to the compartment where the heater is fixed. A grommet was fitted first to avoid the wire being chaffed. The chunky brown wire will be connected to the positive terminal of the battery. The other cable has three wires that go to the heater.
The same photo as above, but note the wires in the top right
A connector block is provided, but it is not fitted until the wires are fed through the hole. I chose the slowest and fastest speed for the fan - the fan is three speed, but the GD loom allows for two speeds. There were three terminals on the black sheathed wires already. These were inserted in to the connector block to match the in wires from the loom.


The 90 degree rubber pipe supplied was cut down on one leg, then secured to the rear heater connection using a jubilee clip.
The 90 degree hose is hidden behind the pipe with the red bung.
The fitted rubber heater pipe was now fed through the 25mm hole in to the engine compartment. The blower part of the heater was removed to make fitting easier. The heater was secured with four M6 bolts in to the rivnuts using penny washers, referred to in an earlier post.
The fitted heater seen from the near side wheel arch compartment
The heater warm air pipes and fittings from the passenger foot well.
This is not the easiest job - you need more hands!

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