Thursday, September 17, 2015

Polishing and gel coating today

Rubbed down the gel coat repairs on the boot surface and the roll edge around the cockpit today.  I could see three marks remaining on the boot, plus some around the door opening, so these have been gel coated again.

Then spent a few hours polishing the back half of the body with the polishing machine and Farecla G6 so that I could see any remaining blemishes. Really pleased with the result of the polish (Edit: Now I have seen it in electric light in the garage, it is not as good as I thought!) even if it is only the first of three grades of compound I will use. I have not polished the boot yet (due to the new gel coat) as you will see in the photo below.
Back of Cobra polished, but boot still to do
I refitted the drivers side door, after rubbing down the gel coat on the edges of both doors. Spent time getting the gaps around the door consistent. I used washers between the hinges and the door to get the door level with the body. Will re-fit the passenger door the next time I do any work on the car. 
Door refitted, but not polished yet

The top edge of the door, where the two skins come together, will have the new gel coat rubbed down when both doors are re-fitted. It may need some further gel coat applying.

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