Saturday, January 09, 2016

Fuel filler breather

Whilst I had installed the fuel filler, I hadn't put in the breather pipe. This is simply a piece of brake pipe connecting the filler to the outside world.

A 5 mm hole was drilled in the boot floor, close to the wheel arch. The pipe was fed through this hole and then bent, using a pipe bending tool and by hand, to fit around the boot side of the wheel arch and to align with the fuel filler adapter. The fuel filler adapter was then fitted, after flaring the pipe end. A tiny amount of Loctite 572 was used on the male surface to hold the small insert of the adapter in place whilst I tightened up the fixing.
Fuel filler with pipe attached by the adapter
The pipe was attached to the inner arch with black plastic P clips and self tappers. The bottom of the pipe was finished flush with the bottom of the car floor from the outside. The bottom was sealed with silicone (as the pipe is only a breather I didn't use a grommet). Carpet will cover the pipe when fitted.
Breather pipe clipped in place and sealed at the bottom

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