Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Flash lines

Well all the body flash lines are sorted (at least in theory!). It has taken about 20 hours of work, but it is quite satisfying, if physical work. Although it is not difficult if care is taken.

There are some bits of gel coating to do, where I have exposed the grey GRP below the white top coat. The main areas are the joints on the wheel arches and boot. See below. These will need taking back a little with the Dremel, before gel coating.
Exposed grey GRP
Some small brush hairs from the laying up process have been exposed in the gel coat too. These have been rubbed out, but over the near side rear wheel arch this has allowed the grey GRP to show through. According to Andy at GD Cars I can apply a couple of coats of gel directly to the area, as long as the surface is adequately keyed (ideally with P800 wet or dry).
If you look carefully you can see the grey through the gel coat at the top of the arch
I intend to try some gel coating to cover up the imperfections next. The doors, bonnet and boot are still to rub down, but these will be prepared after I have trial fitted the items.

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