Saturday, August 29, 2015


Snatched a couple of hours today and fixed the under bonnet wiring loom in place.

The loom was secured with 13mm P clips to the inner wing with 5mm machine screws and nyloc nuts, concealing the rear to front wiring under the bonnet lip where possible.
The loom concealed under the bonnet rim
Part of the wiring loom then passes through the nearside inner wing, to supply the lights, indicator and indicator repeater. A hole needs to be drilled to take a suitable sized grommet. The nearside repeater wire, which runs front to rear on the otherside of the inner wing, was also fixed with 6.5 mm P clips, sharing the same 5mm machine screws (avoided drilling more holes), before entering the compartment at the rear of the wheel arch.
Nearside wheel arch showing repeater wire P clipped in place
The loom is then run across the front of the car and attached to the bonnet hinge mount, again with P clips secured via M5 rivnuts. This leaves loose wires (at this stage) for the horn and fan.
Looking at the bonnet hinge mount from the 'grill' at the front
The wiring across the hinge mounting has sufficient slack (hence the curve in the wires) to allow for the air intake vent, of which more later.

The off side wiring loom (again lights, indicators and indicator repeater) then passes through the inner wing, after drilling a suitable hole. The repeater wiring runs front to rear and was clipped to the top of the wheel arch side of the inner wing using 6.5mm P clips. Now it is just a case of wiring up the items.

In my infinate wisdom I had bought some waterproof connectors for the front lights and indicators. This was because the joints are under the wings and exposed to any damp or wet - not that I plan to drive it in the rain. Easy to fit in theory. Less easy in practice! What a fiddly job.

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