Sunday, August 30, 2015

Painting the metalwork

I changed my mind. The cost of powder coating was nearly £200, so I decided to paint the hinges etc myself - cost around £60. I used chassis black POR15 paint. This may be a better option, as my experience/opinion of powder coating is not good - it has lifted and flaked on previous race car chassis.

Before painting the metalwork needed preparing by removing all the sharp edges, so that rust wouldn't break through at these points. All the threaded holes and pivot points had previously been filled with plastercine to avoid paint getting in to them.
The metalwork before preparation
Once this was done the metal was prepared by using POR15 Metal Prep. Finally the bits were hung up and painted with POR15 chassis black paint. the stuff runs and two coats are required, but it is self levelling, so produces quite a good finish.
I knew that the caravan airer would come in useful sometime
The paint can warns you not to shake it, to take out what you need (rather than using it from the can) and to use cling film between the lid and can, to stop it gluing itself together. Not your normal paint then!

The metalwork was given a second coat, to make it solid.

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