Monday, August 10, 2015

Lights fitted

If I wasn't sure that I needed a Dremel to help build my Cobra, then this really convinced me! Well worth the investment. Someone said that you can't build a Cobra without one!

I started by cutting out the headlights. A 170mm hole is needed for each light. Measure twice cut once! It is quite scary cutting such a big hole in a new body. I found the centre of the cut out area for each light and drilled a small hole for the Dremel guide to fit and one for the cutting bit. GD had marked the area to cut out and had already drilled the fixing holes for the light units. There is a special Dremel bit to cut the circles, which took a little finding. By holding the Dremel guide in place I could cut the big circular hole. 
Hole being cut. Note test cut!
I found that the chuck on the Dremel needed to be really tight to stop the bit working loose. I was too scared to cut the full hole, so I cut the last half inch by hand, using a hack saw blade! I had to drill two other holes with the step drill for the adjusters on each light (again positions marked by GD). One at twelve o'clock and one at 9 o'clock.
Headlight cut out
With the holes cut I could offer up the P700 headlights and fix them in place with the self tappers provided. Then the chrome trims were added to each light.
P700 headlight in place
Next it was the indicators. A 30mm hole was cut for each indicator using the Dremel. Location holes were drilled to secure the indicators the same size as the light studs.
Front indicator cut out and drilled
So that was the front done. I am really pleased with the result.

The position of the rear lights (side/brake and indicator) was established by holding the rubber rings from the lights in the desired position and marking them with a pencil. Fixing was a repeat of the front indicators - drill the location holes, mark out the holes to cut for the light unit, cut and secure in place - don't assume GD's markings are correct (mine weren't as you can see). Also I made sure that the location holes were in line.
Mounting holes for back lights
Once the lights were installed here is what it looked like.
Rear view with brake and indicators in place
Next it was the side repeater lights. These were marked up using tape and one of the chrome rings from the lights. I set the bottom of the lights 15mm above the side air intake vent and the side touching a line from the air intake vent.
Markings for side repeater
I didn't have a 20mm hole cutter, so resorted to using a small drill bit and a multitude of holes to cut out the GRP. The final cut was made using the trusty Dremel! A file was then carefully used to shape and extend the hole. Some builders have had to thin down the wing around the light to fit these, but mine only needed minimal fettling.

Side repeater in place
So that is it for now on the lights. An easy days work, with a lot to show for it.

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