Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brake and oil cooler vents

More cutting out today.

I taped and marked up the brake and oil cooler vent areas to cut out at the front of the body.
The brake vent masked up and marked
The masking was not strictly required, but a double thickness of masking tape offered some protection to the gel coat when cutting with the Dremel. Even so, I still managed to mark one of the brake vent cut outs! So another gel coat repair to do.
The brake vent cut out
I kept the pieces of GRP that I remove, so that they could be used as formers for the black mesh that I was fixing. The holes were rubbed down with P800, then P1200 wet and dry, before gel coating, rubbing down and polishing. The mesh was cut about 10 to 20mm bigger than the piece cut out. The excess mesh was bent around the piece and then finally offered up to the hole. They will be attached to the body using Car Builder Solutions polyurethane adhesive/sealant. The mesh which is against the body and the adhesive will be covered with underseal later.

The other two holes were cut and the mesh added. The finished body looks like this.
The three vents cut and mesh fitted
It's starting to look like a Cobra now!

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