Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Yep. More underseal!

I applied masking tape to the underside of the wheel arch return and the back of the transmission tunnel to avoid getting underseal on these areas.

The underseal was stirred well and applied by brush. Don't leave the brush overnight in white spirit hoping that it will be clean the next day. Instead it will be set rubber. Voice of experience! But at least the white spirit will be clean.

I have done all the wheel arches and the nose cone twice. I also used masking tape to create a straight line under the bonnet just below the wing to the inner wheel arch joint. I paid particular attention to coating the tops of the wings and wheel arches. It is hard work undersealing this! The whole job is a two day task.

The nose cone area runs up to the underside of the bonnet surround and on each side.  I have left the front of the inner wings untreated at the moment. I will finish off to the line of the radiator once I know where this is. See the photo below for the current position.
Undersealed nose cone, with IsoFlex tin centre bottom
In addition I have coated the area around the rear axle/the diff. although this is not really required.
Rear arch area where differential will go
I have not done the transmission tunnel, as again it is not really required.

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